During this difficult time when we are unable to worship together in our churches, the Church of England website offers some useful tools and prayers.

Intercessions  - Sunday, 29 March 2020

As we pray “Lord in your mercy”, please respond “Hear our prayer”

 Father God, we pray for your church and for the spirit to bring communion where no physical contact can be made. Strengthen our leaders and enlighten us so that we can be your hands and comfort in our troubled world.

Lord in your mercy…

God who embraces the entire world, we bring before you countries where deprivation, war and famine mean that illness cannot be tackled with the resources countries like ours can bring to bear. We pray for our brothers and sisters elsewhere and for the goodwill to help them too.

Lord in your mercy…

Lord Jesus who suffered as a man and wept with his friends, surround all who are ill, all who are anxious and all who are lonely with the solace of your love. May all of us know fully the unending love you have for each of us.

Lord in your mercy…

Strengthening Spirit be with all who are working so hard and selflessly to sustain society. We pray for

-        All NHS staff and other key workers. We thank you for the sacrifices they make for us. Strengthen and protect them and guide them in all they do.

-        All in authority that they may make wise decisions and seek the common good.

-        All scientists, engineers and workers investigating vaccines and tests and all making protective equipment and ventilators. God of wisdom, grant them ingenuity and energy.

-        All working in and donating to local foodbanks and assisting the homeless.

Lord in your mercy…

Lord of hope, give your peace to all who are suffering financial worries. Guide the government, banks and mortgage lenders as they try to alleviate the stress of supporting families when work and incomes are vulnerable.

Lord in your mercy…

We turn to you for ourselves, our families and friends and we bring them before you. Saving Lord, quieten our minds, grant us fortitude and resilience and let us show our love for you by sharing it with others.

Lord in your mercy…